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Eggs for breakfast


Need to know...

  • We can provide eggs, burgers, steaks and sausages. All homegrown on the farm.

  • The eggs are laid by our happy free-range hens. They’re a mixture of rescue battery hens, living a luxury retirement, and other breeds. Eggs are mainly available in spring/summer, but just ask and I’ll let you know if we have any.

  • The burgers and steaks are from our grass-fed fold of Highland Cattle. They’re a slow growing, old breed and are outside for the majority of the year

  • The sausages come from our happy healthy pigs that spend the majority of their life out in the fields

  • Order before you arrive and your food will be ready waiting for your in your hut. Pop up to Carpenters Farm shop (which is less than two miles away) and buy more ingredients to make the perfect BBQ or breakfast. You can’t beat eating locally sourced food that’s cooked outside!


6x eggs £2

2x burgers £4

2x sausages £2

2x rump steaks £12

2x sirloin steaks £15

2x ribeye steaks £20

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