Above the Clouds

Bell Tents

We wanted to give you the option to holiday with children or close friends so can put a bell tent up outside your hut. 

Each tent can fit up to four single beds, but this can be configured as you wish. This is ideal of teenage children or a small event - such as a hen-do or birthday party.

The bell tents will be comfortable, but not quite as luxurious as the huts. Bell tenters will all have a bed and mattress each with some fairy lights. They will share the bathroom and cooking facilities with the huts.

One bell tent for two nights costs £180, a bell tent for three nights costs £260 and a bell tent for four or more nights costs £330. We’re hoping this makes it really affordable for a family staying for a week.

See our Events page for more details on how we can help you celebrate your birthday or Hen-do.

Above the Clouds